Making the path by walking

Transformation. Relationship. Hope.
Journeying with young people on their path to restoration, healing, and wholeness
gabanma-li: |gah·bahn·mah·lē|
origin: Gamilaraay
verb: to heal; to restore; to make whole



"House of God"

Healing land.
Healing self.
Healing community.

A 40-Acre Farm in Dalby, QLD.
Reconnecting with Creation and Creator and Tapping into Ancient Wisdom for Rejuvenation, Sustainability, and Equality.
gunima: |goo·nē·mah|
origin: Gamilaraay
noun: Mother Earth/country
beth-el |beð·el|
origin: Hebrew
noun: House of God

'One-Meat' Mob

Trust Steadily in God
Hope Unswervingly
Love Extravagantly
Vunerable Hunters

1 Corinthians 13:13 MSG

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