our rule is respect - our weapon is love



In 2021, dhiiyaan launched "True Fella"

This initiative is a platform to help us continue to press into the work that we are feeling led to participate in. The basis of it is entirely relational, rather than programmatic. It has a focus on 12-24-year-olds, with no specific cultural background targeted. At this point, it involves experiences and opportunities presented by the Bethel property and “doing life” with the dhiiyaan community.

The backbone of our work is the camps we conduct at Bethel for young people.

The participants gain experiences such as horse work, chopping wood, cooking, cultural, and spiritual learning. Most importantly, they are given an opportunity to connect to The Creator, Creation and Community. The kids get to catch skills and insights that have practical, emotional, professional, personal, cultural and spiritual implications.

True Fella provides an opportunity for young people to begin changing their inner narratives.

We feel it is important to stress that these moments with you people are only the beginning of this narrative-shifting process. It is very clear, however, that consistency of proximity needs to go with our posture of humility. The young people need our presence in a more reliable way to ensure their desire to experience transformation is successful.

We have already been overwhelmed by the dramatic shifts we have seen in some young people's lives. We want to continue to use the camps as a terrific starter and touch point with the young people, and now we are seeking to ensure the necessary transition support is available as well. This support is an essential component which appears to be severely missing in the field of youth justice. True Fella feels compelled to act in response to this lack.

With this in mind, we are working as a True Fella team, within our dhiiyaan community, and alongside an extended network of committed people and organisations. We (faithfully and truthfully) are fully aware that every person has been amazingly and miraculously made. We also understand the complexity of life and how the landscapes of people’s personal stories can be impacted by challenges, difficulties and trauma. This is so true for the young people we have a heart to engage with.

We don’t have any secret programs, but as you may have read -

Our only rule is RESPECT.

Our only weapon is LOVE.

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Our True Fellas

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System Survivor
Sydney, NSW